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Testimonials from members of the club.....

I am a fifth year parent with 2 children in recreational and competitive teams along with private lessons.   After their fourth year, both of my daughters elected to add competitive team to their twirling and not only grew as athletes but forged new bonds with other team members. The level of coaching my children have received from the Head Coach, Krista DiStasi, and from the other coaches who are also athletes themselves is nothing short of amazing. The level of skill and poise possessed by the older athletes speaks to the coaching they have received throughout their baton careers and is a testament to the abilities of Krista.  The familial nature of this team is a strong part of what keeps us coming back year after year.  It is hard to break into a group of parents that have been close for 5 years but all of the parents and athletes have been so welcoming.  I can only hope that my kids continue to twirl so I can still be a part of this extraordinary family!
- Kim (5th year parent)

When I found out there was a baton club in Arthur I was excited, I twirled as a child and wanted to see if my daughter would love it as much as me.  My daughter started when she was 5 years old. It has been one year and she loves it more than I could ever expect. Her baton goes everywhere with us, it goes to daycare, every family event we have had this summer, it has even gone on Vacation with us, all the way to Northern Ontario. She loves to twirl for her Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and anyone who will watch. My babysitter tells me she even gives little lessons to the other kids, and tries to teach them what she has learnt.  She has learnt so much; she loves the coaches. I was floored by the experience of the coaches, the skill level that the coaches have, have pushed my daughter to learn more. She tries to copy the Junior coaches' dance moves and when she can’t do it, she will sit down and do stretches then tell me if she does her stretches then some day she will as good as Bailey (a Jr. Coach). I am so glad I found a sport that my daughter loves so much; I believe it is because the Superstars Baton Club is so good at balancing skill development, fun, and making each girl feel special.
- Angela Fraser (5th year mom)
Superstars Baton Club is not just another "club" it is an extension of many of the athletes and their families.
When you become a "Superstar" whether as an athlete or a parent, you gain many valuable skills, friendships, bonds and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.
I am a mom to three wonderful girls and we have joined many clubs/groups throughout the years but none of them have been so welcoming and made you feel like "one of them" as the Superstars do. Although only one of my daughters is a Superstar athlete, each one of us is part of the Superstar family. There are no cliques, there are no favorites, there are no harsh words. We are all there for the same reason, to support a passion of all of the athletes and their coach - baton twirling. One team, one goal, no excuses.
This is one club where the passion, commitment and desire shines through from the Coach to the athletes. Krista has taken her passion of baton twirling and has shared it with our community and the athletes not only love it as much as she does but also love her for sharing this with them.
- Delaney Worton (6th year mom)
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